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We are grateful for your generosity and we thank you for helping us provide an array of residential living environments, giving lifelong care and support to adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, providing a community where they belong, and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. Each gift supports the needs, goals and dreams of people who call Bethshan home. Bethshan Association has been granted tax-exempt status as a 501c3 non-profit organization; consequently, donors may deduct contributions to Bethshan as provided under federal tax law.
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You may choose to provide a gift in honor or in memory of another individual. Please include that information so we can recognize that individual on your behalf.

Many companies also will match a gift to Bethshan. If you or your spouse work for an employer offering this benefit, contact your personnel office about a matching gift. Depending on your employer’s program, it can be made on-line, by automated phone system, or with paper form to be submitted with your gift.

You may send your gift in the form of a check to:

Bethshan Association
12927 S Monitor Ave
Palos Heights IL 60463

You may also donate online via PayPal or credit card.

At Bethshan, we believe every human being deserves to be cared for, treated with dignity, given the opportunity to try new things, and encouraged to reach their potential. At Bethshan, each resident discovers a home where they can safely become their best, discovering new possibilities, making new friends, and share new experiences. At Bethshan, each resident is beloved simply because they are here, because they are unique, because they are respected.

We believe every person deserves a place to belong, to know that they are truly beloved.