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Brian moved into a Bethshan CILA home about eight years ago. He has made many friends at Bethshan and loves hosting parties with fabulous themes, sending out invitations, and planning great menus and even better playlists. Brian started a job at Trinity Christian College three years ago, stocking, cleaning and making sure the dining room is ready for students at meal times. He has enjoyed being part of the Trinity dining team and is appreciated by his managers and coworkers for the good work he does in the dining room.


Lucy has been a part of the Bethshan family since the very beginning. She was 24 years old when she first moved into Bethshan and was one of the first 45 people to move into Bethshan’s brand new facility in 1982. Just a few years later, Lucy moved into a smaller program designed to meet the needs of individuals capable of a more independent setting. There, she and her fellow roommates were able to assist with cleaning, cooking and laundry, and developed new skills as they learned to live more self-sufficiently. Today, Lucy lives in a CILA apartment building where she shares an apartment with one other person. She has staff support and assistance as needed with banking, cooking and housekeeping. Lucy also has a job in the community in which she has been employed for 30 years.


Beth moved in to Bethshan 22 years ago and has experienced many joys and challenges along the way. She is a woman of faith who trusts God throughout all aspects of her life. She can be found reviewing the church bulletin and spending time reading her devotion books. Beth is known for her passion for the Chicago Cubs and reading romance novels. Beth is devoted to the Chicago Cubs, to her family and steadfast in kindness to those around her. Beth has found the last couple of years the most challenging, facing a hospitalization early in the pandemic from being infected with Covid. Beth reflected that the staff were so kind to come into her room during that scary time and make sure she had company and everything else she needed. Beth also recently battled breast cancer. During that time, she knew that staff were praying for her, supporting her and making sure she had the best medical care.


While Beth has a positive impact on those around her, Beth’s mom sums up the impact of Bethshan. “We look back at the amazing love and care that Beth has received and realize it has been a wonderful gift. The staff are so diligent about her health and well-being. Our family thanks God each day for Bethshan and pray for all those who work there ... they are all the best!”


Cher is a fun-loving, out-going young woman who has been a resident of Tibstra House in South Holland, for seven years. She greets the people she knows with a big smile and a hug. Her parents say that Cher feels so much more independent as an adult, since coming to live at Bethshan. Along with her roommate, Cher keeps up her own room, and is responsible for doing various chores at Tibstra House. Cher’s parents also note a growth in confidence in making routine decisions for herself. It used to be difficult for Cher to decide between options, but with encouragement from staff, she has become better able to decide what she truly wants to do, buy, eat, etc.  When Cher moved into Tibstra House seven years ago, she had some medical and dental concerns. Bethshan has ensured that Cher found and has kept up with excellent healthcare professionals as needed. Questions were answered, tests were done, follow-ups are still taking place, and now Cher is experiencing the benefits of regular care from these healthcare professionals.  

At Bethshan, we believe every human being deserves to be cared for, treated with dignity, given the opportunity to try new things, and encouraged to reach their potential. At Bethshan, each resident discovers a home where they can safely become their best, discovering new possibilities, making new friends, and share new experiences. At Bethshan, each resident is beloved simply because they are here, because they are unique, because they are respected.

We believe every person deserves a place to belong, to know that they are truly beloved.