Meet our Management Team


Julie is the Executive Director and has served at Bethshan since 2014. Julie is responsible to ensure that  residents of Bethshan are provided with excellent, faith based services and that each person is valued. Julie believes it has been a great blessing to be a part of the resident’s lives and to share friendship, joy, sadness, and challenges with the people whom Bethshan is privileged to serve.


Steve is the Director of Finance and has served at Bethshan since 1991. Steve supervises all of the financial activities and records of Bethshan Association and Bethshan Foundation including, but not limited to, general ledger, payroll, human resources, budgets, government reporting, donor records, and resident accounts. In his many years of service at Bethshan he has appreciated the direct care staff who show so much love and concern for each resident. He believes they are truly the heart of our organization.


Christie is the Director of Nursing and has worked at Bethshan since 2005. Christie oversees the health and medical needs of all Bethshan residents and supervises an extraordinary team of Bethshan nurses.


Laura is the Program Director and has worked at Bethshan since 1986. She oversees all of Bethshan’s 16 homes, ensuring that there are excellent trained staff providing services 24/7 and the residents receive quality supports and services in well maintained homes. Laura says the best part of her day is  the love she receives from the residents and how much she learns from them.  She appreciates the family environment, the dedication of the staff and the opportunity she has had for growth over all the years she has served at Bethshan.

Beth-ToesetBETH BOSS

Beth is the Bethshan I ICF Program Administrator and has served at Bethshan since 2010. She supervises the day to day operations, ensuring quality services for those living in the Intermediate Care Facility in Palos Heights. She appreciates all the amazing staff that work with the residents, providing them with the love and care that they deserve.


Frea is the South Holland ICF Administrator and has faithfully served at Bethshan since 1983. She is responsible to provide leadership and stability to residents and staff at Tibstra House. Frea appreciates that Bethshan provides an atmosphere of support and growth to residents and to staff. Together we learn and support each other regarding aspect of disabilities, cutting edge medical care, and even coming alongside people through stages of dying and grief. We walk through all areas of life as a family; supporting and caring for residents and staff.