Bethshan provides the following residential services:

Community Independent Living Arrangements (CILA) – Apartment or community homes that provide 24 hour staff supervision and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to foster independence.

101-web1000Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFDD) – Bethshan operates two homes that provide 24 hour supports and supervision for individuals that require additional assistance in addressing medical or behavioral needs.

IMG_1830-webThese residential services are available to adults (age 18 and older) who have intellectual disabilities. Funding for services is based upon eligibility for Medicaid.

For CILA Services in Illinois you must meet with a Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) or Independent Service Coordination Agency (ISC) to see if you are eligible for services. Click here for information from the Illinois Department of Human Services.

For additional information about admission to Bethshan, contact the Admissions Coordinator at (708) 371-0800 or email here.