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Community Independent Living Arrangements (CILA)

Many of Bethshan’s adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities reside in homes that are licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services as Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA). Currently, Bethshan owns and operates apartments and community homes in Orland Park, Palos Heights, Oak Forest, and Tinley Park. Each house is home to between 4 and 8 individuals.

Bethshan’s CILA programs are designed to maximize independence and foster full inclusion in the community. Individuals who live in CILA homes shop in local stores, attend the church of their choice and are active in their communities. Each of the CILA homes has staff present at all times that the residents are at home. The Bethshan staff provide whatever individualized support and assistance each person may need with their daily lives. The staff assist with cooking, cleaning, laundry and personal care when needed, but each individual is encouraged to perform these tasks as independently as possible.

Intermediate Care Facilities for Those with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD)

Bethshan operates two ICF’s: a 45 bed home in Palos Heights, Illinois and a 16 bed home in South Holland named Tibstra House. The 45 bed home provides 24 hour nursing care and is home to individuals with significant medical and support needs. The staff at this home are able to assist with the care and support of individuals who utilize wheelchairs, have specialized diets, or have more extensive therapy and personal care needs.

Tibstra House provides nursing services, but a nurse is not on site 24 hours a day. Both ICF homes provide high quality care and services to assist individuals to be as independent as possible. The Activity Departments at both homes coordinate in-house and off grounds activities and the residents lead active lives.

The Bethshan residents have been blessed by being welcomed in their community and local churches. In fact, many neighbors and church members have become an active part in our residents' lives. Being welcomed in the neighborhood and church families has been very important to our residents and we thank all of them for their acceptance.

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At Bethshan, we believe every human being deserves to be cared for, treated with dignity, given the opportunity to try new things, and encouraged to reach their potential. At Bethshan, each resident discovers a home where they can safely become their best, discovering new possibilities, making new friends, and share new experiences. At Bethshan, each resident is beloved simply because they are here, because they are unique, because they are respected.

We believe every person deserves a place to belong, to know that they are truly beloved.