Volunteers are welcome at Bethshan

If you want to give back to the community, come volunteer and have fun doing it!

Some of the available opportunities are:

IMG_1840 volunteer-WebCompanion Volunteers – Work one-on-one with a person living in a Bethshan home by playing a game, working on a craft, or simply hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.

Volunteer Groups – Bethshan welcomes groups too. Volunteers could help with yardwork, maintenance, or cleaning projects. Or be part of a party, picnic, games, or other activities enjoyed by people that live in Bethshan’s homes.

IMG_2413 church volunteer group-WebChurch Opportunities – Bethshan loves partnering with area churches. We welcome church groups to volunteer at Bethshan. We also have Bethshan residents who are ready to serve and volunteer to help out in their churches in ways such as greeting, folding bulletins, helping with childcare or more.

Adopt-A-Home – An opportunity for people or groups to get involved with a specific Bethshan home and the people supported there. You or your group can be matched with a home of four or five people and can spend time playing games, sharing a hobby, or other activities.

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